Meet the Mockabees

Thank you for stopping by! Our hope is that this site serves as a way to document our family journey, sharing the ups and downs as we navigate our way through discovering God’s will for each of our lives. Visit the blog portion to learn alongside of us and hopefully be encouraged through the process. (Romans 12:1-2)

Three years ago, we started the adventure of homeschooling. Towards the beginning, I (Jodi) wrestled with various methods and philosophies, curriculums and checklists, trying to find the correct fit for our family. I was in search for a method that embodied the beautiful use of art and natural materials in Waldorf education, yet encompassed the pedagogy of Charlotte Mason, all while being simple enough to educate five children efficiently.  

Since I was unsuccessful in finding such a method or curriculum, I had no choice but to develop my own techniques that would meet the spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs of my children all while fitting in our family rhythm.  Since implementing those techniques has been such a rewarding experience for all of us, I have decided to share them with you!  Visit the schoolhouse curiosities shop to view what's available.  My goal is to continually offer up new resources as we learn and master them ourselves, so please check back often.

*The children take part in helping create these resources and get paid accordingly.  Thank you for contributing to their future!

I am currently still available for limited photography sessions. Please email me if you are interested.  I am no longer shooting weddings, however, it is still a joy to photograph seniors, maternity, newborns, and families!