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The Quest For The Best Essential Oil Company

I've mentioned previously a little part of my journey with oils and what I have come to learn about some of these companies. I'm going to try to lay it out a bit more detailed without it being offensive...it's going to be a bit matter-of-fact, as the result of my journey is what works for us, where as other options work for others. So I want that to be known before I share my perspective.

Why I have fallen for Native American Nutritionals! (And a coupon code at the end!!)
There is no question that there is a huge oil movement going on.  You can thank DoTerra and Young Living for that.  They've done a great job at the way they use their multi-level marketing system all while delivering a product of great quality.  Great quality.  

I made an order through Doterra to kind of jump start our oil closet (I've always used oils for smaller things, but was hoping to replace all natural remedies with oils.  I explained that earlier in this post).  Things didn't work out as planned.  I love using different sources of nature in our home to heal our body, it's what I'm used to and it's always worked for us.
We do love the use of oils and prefer to have an organic, pure grade, high quality oil to use when we use it.

I signed up with Doterra through a friend who was an excellent rep.  She was very informative and helpful.  Due to my order, I received a very helpful book that is a guide for what oils can be used for.  We use it a lot.
The first month was great, I was using oils far more than I ever had.
Then I ran out.
I went to re-order and was appalled over the shipping cost.
I am a bargain shopper. I know how to find a good deal. And I know virtually anywhere, you can get free shipping if you order X amount. Not at Doterra.  In fact, in order to keep your membership you have to order at least one item per month. If you're not building your collection, and you try to get by with one oil, you will still end up spending $9 on shipping.
When every dollar is accounted for and you're charged $9 for something that weighs a few ounces...that's just unfair.
I tried to cancel and that ended up costing money too (due to their confusing web site and their poor customer service).
I'm sorry to say that.  I don't like being negative, but it was kind of a negative experience.
But keep in mind the oils were amazing.
So was their marketing.
Which is why you're paying all that extra money.

Then I discovered Native American Nutritionals thanks to a reader.
This is a fantastic company. 

Their oils are every bit as high in the quality department (I relied on heavy internet research for that and a conversation with Paul, the owner).
They have great customer service.
Simple, easy, and informative web site (read the reviews, they're helpful for extra suggested uses).

And shipping?  You pay based on the weight of what you're buying.
You can buy two to three oils all for the price of one DoTerra oil and the shipping will cost you less than $4.  If you are budget conscious or just commitment-phobic, this company is for you.

The owner (Paul) will converse with you if you have specific questions.
It's wonderfully run.

To be fair, I should point out the "negative" aspects of this company, which aren't at all negative in my opinion, but possibly to someone else:
They lack attractive packaging and quarterly magazines (which you pay for through the high cost of their oils).
They don't have a huge sales system (initial sales rep education, automatic re-ordering, or magazines giving you ideas), so if you are new to oils and are not willing to do the research, the membership route may be the best for you...to start off with, at least.  You may find yourself crossing over as soon as you're confident in your oil needs. 

I am a forever customer of theirs.  They are perfect for our budget-focused family!

Also, if you would like to read in more detail on a true comparison of multiple oil companies, please read this blog post.  She does a very accurate run down of each company from multiple angles...it's good research, very informative, and very much on the same page as what I've come to learn! Ps, I have read multiple posts comparing oils and NAN actually wins the break down nearly every time...check it out, you will find out for yourself. :-)

Here is a list of our current oils and what I use them for:

Melaluca: I put a drop in my face wash, it's anti-bacterial and anti-infectious so can be used for ear infections, infected areas of skin, etc.
Baby Soft Blend: I put a drop in my moisturizer, it's for rashes, oily skin, flaky skin, broken capillaries, etc.
Peppermint: Heavily used oil, a household must:  for tummy aches, digestion, headaches, muscle pain, the list goes on!
Lemon: Another heavily used oil, for household cleaners, in water for cleansing, allergies, fever-reducer/breaker, etc.
Orange: Immunity boosting, fever reducer, water retention (good for PMS), a great mood booster, a happy oil!
Oregano: Ant-infection, Anti-parasite, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral.  Really strong and effective.
Citrus Blend: Liver tonic, really happy, fresh smell to diffuse.

We use others, but these are the primary oils that are used on a near-daily basis.

 I suggest buying an essential oil guide (for healing/household uses), Ours is from DoTerra, but you can buy it here. It still works with our NAN products even if some of the blends are different. I haven't been able to find a more thorough book, but please leave your suggestions in the comments if you have.

If you're still with me, I have a special coupon code for you!
Save 10% off of your entire order (excludes shipping) with the code "mockabee".
Code expires May 30.

I really hope you try them, you will not be disappointed!

In the Kitchen: Natural Toothpaste

This week we are making toothpaste!
Everything can be found in your kitchen cabinets. 
No fluoride. No chemicals. No preservatives. No fillers.
And ps, it's cheaper...SCORE!

If you haven't read the label of your toothpaste, I suggest you do.  Standard toothpaste has all types of harmful ingredients including formaldehyde, detergent, paraffin, glycerin glycol, saccharin, food coloring and all types of artificial flavors.
Here's what you will need:

- 6 tsp Baking Soda (we use Bob's Red Mill as it's guaranteed to be food grade... others are fine, but there is rumored to be a difference in processing).
-1/4 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 
-2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (make sure it's in liquid form for mixing)
-10-12 drops of  high quality Peppermint Essential Oil
-Stevia to taste (start with just a sprinkle!)
I am super excited to be introducing to you a new (to me) company of high quality essential oils... I'll be doing a whole post on them and why I prefer them over the other two bigger brands (just hint, there's a price difference, but not a quality difference!!)... but that's for another time. If you are looking for oils in the meantime, please look up Native American Nutritionals
An awesome reader suggested them to me and my commitment-phobia self and I'm not turning back!

Back to the toothpaste...mix all ingredients together.

Transfer mixture to a glass jar.
Either put in the fridge or let it sit at a cooler room temperature to let the mix harden a bit.
The texture is not much different than toothpaste.
It's a tiny bit runnier, and you can fix that by adding more baking soda, but your kids may not approve.
Store in an air tight container, keep a small spoon available and brush away!
It may take a little while to get used to...like everything else, a leap into natural may come as a shock, so if it helps, mix some of your current toothpaste with it.
Gradually wean off of the chemicals and on to what's naturally effective.
And there you have it!