Beatrix Potter Inspired Collaboration

I had the privilege of working with Carrie from Fleurish Designs to bring together a couple of really special brands we both love.
Her thoughts were to style a Beatrix Potter inspired birthday party including some of our kids as well as a few of Scarlett's friends.

I had been talking with Rebecca, owner of Ladida and we decided that this shoot would be a wonderful and fun way for me to style her shop's impeccable clothing and be able to showcase it on all of these little ones! Please visit her store.  It will not let you down, so wonderfully curated and some amazing pieces just in time for Easter!!

The suspenders on Elias (above) and the hankie on Gus (below) were sent from Anne. She has been kind enough to send some "spenders (Everett's term)" to our family before... she makes all types of cute patterns as well as provides other accessories in her shop!  Make sure to visit her here.
 Of course, The Mason Bar Company should always be involved in a party!
Melt my heart.  These three are good little friends and are as girly as they come!
Carrie, such a simple, classic, yet innovative eye she has. :-)

All of the children wore Freshly Picked Moccasins (as seen on Shark Tank, yay for Susan!!!).
These are high quality moccs, and they work with every outfit!

Do I need to mention the styling again?  Carrots and cake are always meant to be together.
A new friend, Katrina, sent over these adorable athletic socks that she had crocheted the week prior.  I had plans to use them on one of the boys, but the fit Noe's outfit perfectly!

I will end with my favorite image of the shoot.
To be honest, it was stressful and busy.  Capturing your own children while trying to capture sweet moments and beautiful details can be really difficult (not to mention it was chilly and these children are young!).
I left feeling like I didn't get anything.
But it was such a joy to go through and see the images.
The best part was watching these girls from getting dressed to ending with the maypole, enjoying every single aspect of it.  They were amazing, and darling, and beautiful!
A huge thank you to all of the companies involved. 
And the best part is the timing for Easter, these kids are all set!

Up for Air

It's that season. 

 Somehow both Jason and I have our busiest seasons at the same time. While he's out making sure turkey orders are correct and coming home at bedtime seven days a week, I'm tending to the needs of five little people and doing more than my average shooting and editing.  

For someone that enjoys a clean house and order, presentable children and peace, this is not the time for that. Throughout the day, I find myself seeking help from God because I do not know how I can possibly get it all done.  It's a reminder that life is not meant to be this busy, thankfully, and the reason I am feeling this way is because it's off balance.  But we have to endure this time, because that's what pays the bills.  January will come.
Until then.
While loading all children in the voice may have an edge to it.
One baby will have a gob of mud in his mouth.
Or chalk.  Or leaves.  (that happened today, several times)
One child will be missing shoes (guess who).
The other will be in a ridiculous hand-picked outfit with scraggly hair and a dirty face.
Another baby may not have pants on because they were too muddy to wear.
One kid may be forced to do his homework in the car while in transit.
One mother may have consumed three shots of espresso.
A set of twins may have had chunks of turkey for two meals in a row because their mom hasn't had a chance to make their food.
One couple may be sitting late at night in front of their computers, not communicating, but working, working, working, because it's the only time they can get anything done.
The list goes on.

This season is a great reminder of how important silence and a slow-paced lifestyle is.
And I can't wait to get back to it.
In the meantime, you can find me on occasion coming up for air.