36 Weeks!

36 weeks! That was my main goal from the beginning with these two. Apparently, most babies go home without NICU or extended stay at this stage.
This is what the boys look like right now:

Does it look painful? Well, it is!
Do you see any organs or lungs? No, that's because they are all squished to the max. The only difference is that Elias is hovering over August in a "T" like fashion (also known as transverse). This means that he resides on top of my ribs. August is pretty much in the exact position of the baby on the right.
As uncomfortable and irritable as I am, I have to focus on the sheer beauty of this miracle. Anytime they move (which is constant), I remind myself that it's a privilege to carry them.

I can't wait to meet you boys!

35 Weeks!

My camera is back! I've learned my lesson, no more allowing children to photograph pregnancy picts, that being said, a lame self portrait of the belly:
I'm not sure this photo even captures the true size. I am big. I was measuring 45cm this morning, which means 5 weeks overdue for a singleton pregnancy. That's large and in charge.

I am grateful to be where I am at, however, after an episode of what I thought to be early labor last night (ended by a 2am bath), I am dilated to 3, which is not the greatest at this point. My goal is to make it to 36 weeks. Only God knows the boys' birthday, however, they are scheduled for the 30th of December, making them 37 weeks, 1 day. They should be very much in the clear by then as 36, 3 days is considered full term for twins. I wanted to keep them as long as possible, though, but due to their mono-di nature and all the risks involved, we thought that 37 weeks was a good compromise. We will see what their true birthday will be!

I have been nesting. Jason is still busy busy at the turkey ranch, so all the projects I had on his to-do list ended up being done by me (and some by Opa, thanks Opa!). I never thought I would be eight months pregnant with twins and using a skill saw. But that's the nature of our circumstances, and a girl has to get her "vision" for the nursery done!

I hope to update the blog a bit more as I really don't want to forget this time in our lives. Now that my camera is back, maybe I'll make it a bit of a priority... but for now, back to my glue gun.