you're funny

Babies sweat too.

Now with the oldest in school, the dynamics have changed. 
I forgot how fun this different dynamic is. 
 The middle two tend to prefer pretend play a lot more than Carter. He is Mr. Actual Factual, so most of the kid-led activities when he is around are very structured and real. Everett, on the other hand, has a vivid imagination and a love for Sissy Lulu and the babies, so we get all kinds of helping and pretend play.

He also likes to dress up or change clothes periodically.  When he spotted the twins in their "wife beaters", he quickly ran to his room to change clothes.  He also decided that they were going to work out, so sweat bands were a must (I nearly got beaten for calling it a head band...which was quite fitting, based on the shirt of choice).
I think he's more handsome than Richard Simmons, but he does sure posess some of that charisma!

Bald babies need sweat bands too!  Elias had a tough work out.  Thankfully his brother had him covered. 

Before & After (Bee Style)

The Bee was getting shaggy. Daddy Mock was complaining much about it so I decided to surprise him while he was away on know, to show that I listen and do respect his opinion at times.

The Bee Before:
No, I didn't get a chance to snap his original after, where he had a great manly mohawk and looked oh-so-handsome yet tough.
While trimming up Kid, Bee decided to do some clipping of his own. I was prepared as it's been done before. My prayer has always been that if he were to make another "bad choice", he would avoid Honey's blonde curly head-which he did. I guess I should thank you, Bee?

Bee's After:
Am Bee, must have hands down pants and nothing but underwear on. My apologies for the lack of modesty around here.