Country Life

You Are Welcome Here

These images are from a few weeks ago. Just another Sunday afternoon.

 We've been really trying to protect our Sundays as a family, to honor the Sabbath and to rest and enjoy time together. I used to have Sundays open for a photo session but after a discussion with Jason regarding our year of faith, and the simplicity of God honoring us by honoring him... well, it was no question that he would provide the difference in removing one day of work (when there's only two, that's a big cut!). And of course He has.  We haven't looked back or even noticed a difference. 
In fact, he's blessed us in mighty ways!
Tomorrow Jason and I leave our small tribe to hit the beaches of Yelapa, Mexico with a group of four friends (six of us total).  We are elated.  This has been in the works for over six months and the Lord has provided every cent for it along the way, in fact, he's the one that told us to go.
 Aside from experiencing a bit of rest away from the daily tasks and demands of being a mother, I am really looking forward to being with Jason and being in the Word.  There are not a lot of amenities in Yelapa...and the six of us chose it partly because of that (well and the fantastic locally grown food it's supposed to offer).
Rest. Reflection. 
I have high expectations for the Lord on this trip.  That sounds funny.  But if he's the one that started this, He's sure to meet all of us in a powerful way.  We are leaving with arms wide open.
"Holy Spirit you are welcome here.
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for.
To be overcome by your presence, Lord".

-lyrics from Rend Collective

I want to stick to my commitment of posting weekly food staples, though, so there will be a scheduled post coming out later this week... one of my favorite, easiest, healthy meals that everyone in our family devours, so stay tuned!
Adios amigos!


 It was a gorgeous day outside yesterday and we took full advantage of it.  There is nothing better to me on a Sunday afternoon than to explore, touch and see.
They feel the same and after an outing such as this, everyone arrives home refreshed (and with pails of ferns and findings).
I allowed myself five minutes to have the camera out.
Enough to remember.

(do you spy some power pancakes?! I told you we eat them a lot!)