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DIY-Refashion: Project Hippy Chic Headband (and seeking advice)

Take an old knit shirt with little purpose left in it:
And turn it into a hippy chic braided headband.
Don't be scared, you don't even need a sewing machine!
-Measure you or your baby's head.
-Cut three 3/4 inch strips in that length plus ONE INCH (it will stretch a bit when it's braided)--Lulu's head is 16/5 inches, which took up to the armpit of that shirt.
-Tie ends in a knot.
-Braid tightly.
-Tie the end in a knot, use as much space for braiding as possible.
-Hand sew or sew with a machine the ends together (before the knot)
-Cut the two knots
-Voila, you have the hippy chic band.
If you chose to add cuteness, just cut a bunch of circles, sew on buttons, or for some real hippy chicness, add some fun feathers!
-Find other purposes to reconstruct the remains.
For example, the sleeves of the above shirt will soon be matching leg warmers for the Lulu and I'm about to make myself a matching band as well!
On an ENTIRE different level...I'm in desperate need for some recommendations for BPA-Free sippy cups. Honey doesn't take well to the Born Free sippy we have and we don't have room in the budget to try different types...any recommendations out there? She is currently drinking her water out of a Born Free bottle as I have yet to be able to solve this problem.

Thank you kindly!


I'll tell you right now, you can't do it all.
There was I time that I thought perhaps I could (as in a month ago). Shame on me. I've always struggled with the command to "be still". There is a reason God says this. I'm learning it's a valid command. Within the past few weeks of going business-minded, I have quickly learned how easy it is to get distracted from what's important. Thankfully I have an amazing husband to keep me in check. I also have three kids that don't seem to allow me to lose my focus on my main job at be a Godly wife and mother.
I've completely overbooked myself and am physically exhausted because of it. For some odd reason, pride creeps in and tells me that it's good to be tired from working hard. How twisted.

In all of the "doing" some good things have come.
The kids have learned a great lesson in how purchasing a chair from a man down the street for $3,
offering help in priming and painting it,
sewing a nice little cushion on it, and utilizing it as the new "office" chair can be a very budget friendly way of making a boring space happy.
(Yes, this small little corner is my office, that I have come to know very well in the past two weeks!)
I've also been so incredibly busy with sessions, it's quite amazing to see Kid's school tuition fund being filled!
It only took two weeks, but we're learning how to cap the business end of things and open up the family end of things. I'm trying my best to not get distracted by projects or ideas and focus on the needs and affection (which all go hand in hand) of my family.
This is, indeed a completely random post, but I felt like I needed to write it to kind of make a contract with my self, if you will.
Hopefully I will be back on board in the blogging train as posting about my amazing family seemed to force me to focus on what is good and important...I've been missing posting on the highlights of my day!
I'll be back.