A Winner & A Reader!

Congrats to christiejayne for being's chosen winner for the Maddie Lu's hair clip... you lucky girl! Email me ( your choice of Flowers/Feathers and your mailing address and expect something very special in the mail!

On a different note, Kid is very much excited about the ability to read. This was his whole goal and desire for Kindergarten. Although he's not a novel reader quite yet, he is able to get through all of those awesome "Jack and Jill" books that we remember so vividly from school.
I'm proud of you, Kid.
I should note that he has no lack of confidence in any department, which is both comforting and a tad alarming as a parent. I sure hope he's not a know-it-all in the classroom, but I do know that this confidence will take him to many places.

He's so special. He's so smart it blows me away. He definitely takes after his Daddy in the math department and naturally excels in everything numbers-related. He's so focused. It's quite inspiring.

I've been a grumpy, anxious mess, as our story unfolds, but I have had moments to be grateful for what we have been given. Each of my children are so unique. While one blows me away by his intellect, another keeps me laughing at his endless jokes. While one craves hugs and kisses, another is so independent and needs her space.

Somehow, in what used to be the hardest hour of the day, these three unite for "room time" while I attempt to cook dinner. I ask them to leave their door open as it's something quite rewarding to overhear. Lots of "teamwork", creativity, games, and every one of them is included. One thing I didn't expect Kid to learn from school was the ability to administrate such a moment, but it's his voice that governs the activities, and it couldn't make a mother more proud. Well, listening to him count to one hundred by two's, five's, and ten's comes pretty close, though...
I'm proud of you, Kid. I couldn't have chosen a better firstborn.

Gifted Giveaway #5

Another gifted friend giving away one of her amazing creations!
As long as I have known Liz (which goes back to childhood!), she has been a creative soul. It's strong in her blood, her mom is equally as talented, and her sister too! But it was out of the birth of her first baby girl that Maddie Lu's was created.

Liz started by making baby clips (Scarlett has been seen in many of her sweet designs), and took her business to local shops. Quickly thereafter, Maddie Lu's was in demand everywhere. Liz is now a local celebrity and her perfectionist aproach to creating is her trademark. I can spot a Maddie Lu's hair clip or accessory from far away!

Liz is giving away one of her Flower with Feather clips (one of my favorites featured below).
You must check out her shop for the rest of her creative work... truly one of a kind!
Details to win:
-Visit Maddie Lu's, note your favorite item in a comment.
-For an additional entry, visit her Facebook page and "Like" it--note in a separate comment that you did so.
-Winner to be chosen on Tuesday.

If you're impatient, or find that you didn't win one of these fab clips/pins, Maddie Lu's is offering 20% off for an entire week. Just enter "Beehive" at check out.

Good luck!