I'm still learning this whole new world of blogging. I'm in amazement how quickly posts can circulate, strangers can become friends, and how easy one can share information for the world to see and know. It's fascinating!

That being said, this little Honey Girl's VBAC story (which actually hasn't been posted on this blog) has made it into the hands, er, hard drive (?) of Design Mom...one of my favorite blogs with random and interesting children's products, home design, and craft ideas. Check it out! It's also going to be featured on Birth Stories (a wonderful New Zealand blog) and Marvelous Kiddo (who is featuring weekly birth stories at the moment!). How exciting!
Nice work, Honey...you're already making friends!
Also featured, more photos of this gorgeous lady and her soon-to-be husband on my photography blog!


Apparently, Sprinkles Cupcakes are all the rave... seems like cupcake stores and those fruity-frozen yogurt stores are popping up everywhere... what happened to healthy California?
What I do know is that their infamous Red Velvet cupcake was served at the baby shower and it was definitely full of flavor... driving hours to have one? I think Breyer's Mint-N-Chip is a close competition!
Thank you to Opa,who was watching both boys by himself while my mom and I enjoyed a baby shower that was classier than my wedding (blush)!