homeschooling quest


Things are wonkers around here.
What's new, though, really.
We recently have had to make big decisions. As some crazy universal law has it, a giant decision usually evokes a bunch of big decisions, which then breed large decisions, which then produce smaller decisions, and so it goes.

Somehow our world of parenting and technology collided and we found ourselves here.
Going wonkers.
But we're afloat, matey, and that's all that matters.

The rundown:
Since moving back to Simpleville, I've made it pretty apparent that we are on a very simple income. Which is fine, and we rather enjoy it. However, Kid's schooling has come into question. Before it was almost no question as to the fact that I would home school our children. But I will be honest, something deep down feared it, almost loathed the thought and that's not a great start, really. Being in The Wind Tunnel, there was no choice for us, though, as private schooling is quite expensive and we both did not have a peace about the public school system.

Simpleville boasts a Christian School, though, the same one that I went to K-12. It is an amazing school with a precious community and my heart yearns for our children to attend it. A simple income doesn't really allow us that.

In comes the big decision that brings on other decisions, that brings on our wonky week. In order to allow the children to go there, I would need to bring in some additional income. I've had my photography hobby that has been fun and has helped pay for the hobby itself by getting gigs here and there.

Somehow within a day or so, I am now a photographer. I have a facebook page, a logo, and am making over my blog. I have a Mac. Never did I think I would have a Mac! (please don't ever let me get an iphone, though!). Our poor laptop of seven years with the eight missing keys and the built-in white noise machine (aka: dying fan) is taking the back seat (believe it or not after being wiped a few times, it still stands, God bless it!). So, yes, all exciting decisions, but also decisions that have made us go a bit wonkers.

In the process of it, I'm still finding myself processing the thoughts and emotions of saying goodbye to the complete stay-at-home-mom thing. Yes, I am home most of the time, but there is something still so unnatural (to me, folks, not to everyone!) about leaving my children.
I am also finding myself feeling guilty over letting go of the idea of homeschooling my children. This sounds rather silly, but because of our natural style and our educational beliefs, I just felt like I should home school. You know? Because I fit in that "type" of category.
Am I wonkers for feeling this way?

Regardless, we have a peace that passes all understanding, and for that we take great confidence in. Oh, but we are still homeschooling Kid for pre-school. Bee appreciates play dough time the best. My carpets don't.

And with that note, I'll leave you with the new logo. :-)

Creative Play

There's a joke on the commune...Miss Delicious calls me "Wally" as she knows of my love for Waldorf education and laughs at my attempts (mostly pathetic) to mimic their philosophy in our "organic" form of pre-schooling...

I'm not sure the Waldorf school down the street would appreciate the "creative play" these crazy kids were into today.

Meet Simpleville's SWAT team...hence the "lakeboarding life jackets (via-Bee)"--said to be their SWAT vests (via-Next Door #1).

How would the Waldorf school view my son's very commercial t-shirt, paired with his synthetic rain boots, complete with very sharp manual hedge trimmers?

I'm not sure I can live up to the name anymore...this photo certainly acts as evidence to a non-Wally-like way of living...although, we are working in nature, he's near "one" with the dirt, and he's learning an awful lot through mirroring his guardians... let's call it a wash, a Wally-wash at that.
On a different note, a very exciting note and an answer to prayers....remember my post regarding maintaining a healthy diet while living on a very tight budget? Well, He always comes through, my Kid and I were trimming today, our neighbor behind us asked us if we would like 1/4 of a purely grass-fed cow! They were making room for a new cow and had over 1/4 of a cow left from last year. I now have an abundance of healthy, delicious, and FREE meat! God is so very good. He's probably a bit Wally Himself, don't you think?